Module 2



Module number 2 of this web platform deals with e-commerce regulation in the Republic of N. Macedonia. Through it, you can obtain a better picture of the regulation related to e-commerce in an easily understandable and clear way.

The module consists of:

  • Web Guides for running an e-commerce business in N. Macedonia
  • Laws that are related with e-commerce and affect the e-commerce businesses in N. Macedonia
  • Documents and resources related to e-commerce

The web manuals outline how to set up an e-commerce company, what information is necessary to be publicly and clearly displayed on each e-shop in order to meet the minimum legal requirements as an e-seller, and what rights have the e-customers.

In addition to the manuals, this module also contains laws related to establishing and running an e-business: e-commerce law, trade law, electronic communications law, consumer protection law, personal data protection law and the criminal code, as well as all other necessary information for legally starting an e-commerce business in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The regulation in e-commerce module also contains necessary documents and resources that will serve all potential and existing e-sellers in their operations – business plan, glossary of terms related to e-commerce, SWOT analysis and other documents and resources.