Module 5


Efficient delivery is vital to the growth and success of e-commerce businesses. But not every company has the capacity to have its own, in-house, delivery service, and that’s why they often rely on the services of postal operators for timely and effective delivery.

For this purpose, module #5: “Delivery” was created to present a comprehensive overview of all courier companies in North Macedonia, including their basic information, prices, delivery options, conditions and possibilities. This will not only encourage healthy competition among local postal operators, but also improve transparency for end customers.

In addition, in cooperation with the Customs Administration of the Republic of North Macedonia, in module #5: “Delivery” detailed insights into the often unclear and complex import and export procedures that come with online shopping, as well as some useful information related to universal service, have been added. obligations of the sender and complaints about shipments. This will enable all interested parties to make informed decisions and avoid potential obstacles and ambiguities.